Industrial and environmental safety, occupational safety and health

Improving the system of hazard identification and risk assessment. Case Study of «Svyaztransneft»
Industrial and environmental safety, occupational safety and health

Authors: Viliana V. KARPOVА was born in Nizhnekamsk Tatar SSR, graduated from Gubkin Russian State Academy of Oil and Gas in 1996. She is Candidate of Technical Sciences, assistant professor of the Department of Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection, engineer for occupational safety at OAO Svyaztransneft. She is author of 25 scientific and educational works, including 4 tutorials. E-mail: vilyana@mail.ru
Elvira R. KHASANOVA graduated from Tyumen State University of Architecture and Construction in 2009. She is occupational safety engineer at West Siberian PTUS (production and technical management of communications branch of OAO “Svyaztransneft”). Research interests: OSH management system. E-mail: 86xell@rambler.ru

Abstract: A method of objective evaluation of occupational exposure of workers with full assessment of the workplace as a source of danger for most qualitative risk assessment is offered. The technique is clear and easy to use for those who identify risks, and for those for whom these risks are identified, that is for employees in blue-collar jobs. The analysis of risk assessment systems is presented.

Index UDK: 331.45

Keywords: risk, risk assessment, acceptable risk, risk management, quantitative risk assessment, hazard identification and risk assessment, hazard identification card; risk assessment matrix, matrix of risk categories; professional risk; OSH management system, occupational hazards, profession / workplace safety card; risk management plan, comparative analysis of systems for risk assessment