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№ 2/271, 2013

Mining within areas with restricted conditions of natural resource use: improving the legal regulation (case of protected areas)
Legal issues in oil and gas industry

Authors: Sergey S. SKIBIN graduated from Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas in 2011. He is PhD student of the Department of Natural Resource and Environmental Law at Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas. E-mail:

Abstract: The article discusses the existing legal regime of subsoil use within protected areas, domestic and international experience in the development of mineral resources in the national parks, nature reserves, world heritage sites. Conclusions about the possible ways of improving the legal regime of subsoil use in such areas are made. The precedents of the field development in the Russian Federation within the limits of protected areas are considered. The conclusion about the possibility of improving the legal regime of subsurface management in protected natural areas in consistence with the regime realized in the international law enforcement is made.

Index UDK: 349.6

Keywords: protected areas, legal regime, subsurface management, Buzuluk Forest National Park, Kumshinskoye gas condensate field, Kholodninskoye ore deposit, Kakadu National Park, Amazonian Yasuni reserve

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