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№ 3/256, 2009

Properties of the system of equations and solytion structure for problem of oil dusplacement by gas mixtures
Automation, modeling and energy supply in oil and gas sector

Authors: Antonina K. KOZLOVA (b. 1980). Education: Russian State University of Oil and Gas, Department of Automatics and Computer facilities, Chair of Applied Mathematics and Computer Modeling (diploma with the mark of distinction) in 2003. Experince: Scientific Associate at the Institute for Problems in Mechanics Russian Academy of Science; Assistant at the Russian State University of Oil and Gas, Chaer of Applied Mathematics and Computer Modeling (part-time). E-mail:

Abstract: A two phase «oil-gas» system in local thermodynamic equilibrium is considered. An alternative approach is being developed nowadays to solve compositional models. According to this approach a multicomponent problem is partly separated and the auxiliary problem is formulated in terms of thermodynamic variables. It is shown that the eigenvalues of full problem are expressed through the eigenvalues of auxiliary problem. The technique of hyperbolicity check is developed using the method of auxiliary variable space scanning. Research results can be used in developing of efficient algorithms for compositional problem.

Index UDK: 622.32

Keywords: compositional model, approximation of phase equilibrium, two-steps method


Problems of distributed simulators functioning in secured network segments
Automation, modeling and energy supply in oil and gas sector

Authors: Dmitry G. LEONOV (b. 1970) graduated from the State Academy of Oil and Gas, now Russian State University of Oil and Gas. Cand.Sc. (Eng.), associate professor of Russian State University of Oil and Gas, Automatic Control Systems department. Author of 20 publications in the field of computer simulation of gas transportation systems. E-mail:

Abstract: The paper considers different approaches to the task of communication of the distributed simulator components placed in the different secured network segments. Laboriousness and security of possible solutions are estimated. The suggested solution is based on the embedding the internetworking communication mechanism based on the regular polling into the distributed simulator system.

Index UDK: 681.5

Keywords: distributed simulator, internetworking communication mechanism


Methods of drawing automation with AutoCAD
Automation, modeling and energy supply in oil and gas sector

Authors: Sergey V. BAIBAKOV (b. 1984). The post-graduate student, “Technology of Oil and Gas Machine Building” chair. Gubkin Russin State University of Oil and Gas Mechanical engineer, “Technology of Machine Building” 2001-2006, Postgraduate course, “Technology of Machine Building” 2007 - present day. Seven publications, including one monograph.
Mikhail V. ANISIMOV (b. 1984). Engineer, “Mostransgas” Ltd. Gubkin Russin State University of Oil and Gas Mechanical engineer, “Technology of Machine Building” 2001- 2006. E-mail:

Abstract: In this article basic techniques to automation of drawings production by means of computers were reviewed. The comparative analysis of different approaches to automation was made and its' advantages and disadvantages were disclosed. As the example the program based on one of the studied methods is presented. The program allows to significantly increase the productivity and quality of work thanks to automatic drowning up of the specifications and obtaining of ready-to-use blanks meeting the State standards in AutoCAD file.

Index UDK: 658.512.26

Keywords: automation of drawing, Advantages, Drawbacks, "Specification" program


Software code generation for the numerical simulation of complicated multiphysics problems for the thermogas dynamic bajenov bed series stimulation
Automation, modeling and energy supply in oil and gas sector

Authors: Sergey S. ARSENYEV-OBRAZTSOV (b. 1951) in 1975 graduated from the Moscow institute of petrochemical and gas industry, PhD, associate professor of the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas. E-mail:

Abstract: The problem of creating multipurpose software for code generation of numerical solvers for one-dimensional systems of partial differential equations with moving boundaries for numerical simulation complicated multiphysics problems, have been considered and solved.

Index UDK: 519.685+591.63

Keywords: program code generation, Moving boundary problem, thermogas dynamic stimulation of formation, kerogen, Landau transform


The quality control of pipes at manufacturers the corporate requirement of open society «Gazprom» on maintenance of the guaranteed level of safety and quality
Economics and management in fuel and energy complex industries

Authors: Maxim P. POLIKARPOV (b. 1976) graduated from Gubkin Academy of Oil and Gas, candidate of technical sciences, assistant-prof. at Dept. of Quality management, standardization and certification of oil and gas equipment. 35 publications. E-mail:

Abstract: Customer's representatives can be invited to control the quality of tubular goods at the manufacturer's works as a means of providing the assurance level of safety and quality. The main corporate principles of open society «Gazprom» in the field of the competence of the inspecting organization authorized to control the quality, are identified.

Index UDK: 58.512.26

Keywords: pipes, tubular goods, quality, safety, inspection, competence


Method increasing precision and validity of commodity balance for tank batteries of petroleum products
Economics and management in fuel and energy complex industries

Authors: Alexander G. GODNEV (b. 1947) has ended the Moscow power institute, PhD, the senior lecturer, the general director of Joint-Stock Company of scientific and technological centre IIT. The author of 60 works in the field of metrology, measuring apparatuses and control systems.
Evgenie I. ZORJA (b. 1947) has ended in 1971 Moscow government technical university it. Bauman. The senior lecturer of chair fuel logistic and gas supply, managing laboratory of problems of quality in a fuel and energy complex Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas. The author of 90 works in the field of efficiency, safety and stability of functioning of system fuel logistic. E-mail:

Abstract: A method to increase the precision of calculations of storable mass of petroleum products on the basis of correlation link between observed data at tempering through an atomized standpipe of bottom loading and actual level measurements and gravity of a product in the reservoir.

Index UDK: 378(075.8):665.6/7

Keywords: commodity balance, precision, validity