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Lithological and facial characteristics of formation of reservoir rocks of middle permian sedimentations in Western Sulige gas field (China)

Authors: Mingyu HE is postgraduate student of thе Department of General and Oil and Gas Production Geology of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (National Research University). E-mail: hemingyu567890@gmail.com

Abstract: Based on the analysis of core and thin sections of the middle Permian sedimentations in the western Sulige gas field, three main types of sedimentary facies have been identified i.e. meander, anastomosis and braided river. This paper analyzed sedimentary facies in a single well, and determined the lithology and sedimentary facies of each layer. The construction of paleogeological profiles in the profile and paleogeographic maps on the plane is based on the results of well logging data and comprehensive analysis of each well. It was revea- led that in this region the paleochannel sandstones in the lower part of forma- tion He8 (h8x) are characterized by braided river. In the upper part of forma- tion He8 (h8s) braided river changed into meander and anastomosis. In the formation of Shanxi1 (s1), two or three anastomoses developed in the direction from north to south

Index UDK: 550.8

Keywords: Ordos Basin, Western Sulige Gas Field, sedimentary facies, analysis of cores and thin sections, paleogeological profile

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