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Мooring type positioning system in arctic shelf conditions

Authors: Vadim B. KHAZEEV graduated from Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas “Offshore Oil & Gas structures” speciality of Mechanical Faculty in 2009. Author of 10 publications published. E-mail: hazvad@yandex.ru
Genghis S. GUSEINOV graduated from the Faculty of Oilfield Development of Azerbaijan Industrial Institute in 1957, and graduate school of Gubkin Moscow Institute of Petroche- mical and Gas Industry in 1963, the Department of Transportation and Storage of Oil and Gas. He is Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of Computer Aided Design of Facilities of the Oil and Gas Industry of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (National Research University). He is author of over 300 published works.
E-mail: guseinov2@yandex.ru

Abstract: The article describes outstanding difficulties of Arctic shelf development requiring underwater floating platforms introduction. Authors compare mooring positioning for newly proposed underwater platform with the conventional semi-submersible rig. Based on calculation results a conclusion is made regarding significantly lower environmental loads on underwater platforms and consequent reasonability of application of such units for Arctic shelf development

Index UDK: 622.691.4

Keywords: offshore platforms, Arctic Shelf, environmental loads, mooring systems, underwater systems

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