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Study of Potassium Formate-Based Drilling Fluid Influence on Core-Samples’ Permeability Characterized by AHFP.

Authors: Daria M. GUSEVA is currently a postgraduate student at the Drilling Department of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (National Research University). She is specialist in drilling and completion fluids. E-mail: daria.guseva@yandex.ru
Sergey V. KOSTESHA graduated from Saratov State University in 2002 with a degree in industrial chemicals of drilling fluids and oil processing. He is author of “Colloid Chemistry of Drilling fluids”, a study guide for students and drilling fluid engineers, 2000.
E-mail: skostesha@mail.ru

Abstract: Formation drilling in abnormally high formation pressure zones adversely affects well construction efficiency.
The application of barite-free potassium formate-based drilling fluid ensures high-quality wellbore cleaning and minimizes the irreversible process of formation damage.
The impact of potassium formate-based drilling fluid and oil-based drilling fluid on core samples permeability was assessed, the applicability of drill-in fluids mentioned above was validated

Index UDK: 622.245.549

Keywords: potassium formate, return permeability, abnormally high formation pressure, weighted drilling fluids

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