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Oil-Gas Potential of Chengbei Sag in Bohai Bay Basin (China)

Authors: Shiqi LIU is PHD student of the Department of Lithology of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (National Research University). Her research interests are geology and lithology of oil and gas field.
E-mail: liushiqi1990@gmail.com

Abstract: Chengbei sag is one of the structure units of the Bohai Bay basin, which is a major oil and gas field in China. It is a graben basin depositing on the basement of Precambrian and mainly developing Cenozoic sedimentation. The hydrocarbon potential and saturation of these deposits are considered

Index UDK: 551.24:553.98(510)

Keywords: the source rock, Dongying formation, Chengbei sag, oil-gas saturation, alluvial system

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