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Influence of structural features of rotor-disk mixers on dispersed composition of emulsions
Technical sciences

Authors: Sergey V. LAPONOV graduated from USPTU in 2014. He is post-graduate student and instructor of the Chair of Equipment of Petrochemical Plants at USPTU in Sterlitamak. Аuthor of 18 publications. E-mail: Laponows92@mail.ru
Nikolai S. SHULAEV is Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor, Head of the Depart-ment of Informatics of Mathematics and Physics, USPTU in Sterlitamak. Аuthor of 212 publi-cations. E-mail: nshulayev@rambler.ru
Sergey P. IVANOV is Doctor of Technical Sciences, Head of the Chair of Equipment of Petrochemical Plants of USPTU in Sterlitamak. Аuthor of 98 publications. E-mail: isp-777@yandex.ru
Ildus G. IBRAGIMOV is Doctor of Technical Sciences, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of USPTU in Ufa. Аuthor of 104 publications.
E-mail: Ibragimov@rusoil.net

Abstract: The results of experimental research of processes of emulsification in liquid-liquid systems in rotor-disk mixers with various designs of working bodies allowing to regulate the disperse particles size distribution are presented. It is shown that increased area of perforations on the working parts of the rotary disc mixer and installation of additional elements (teeth) reduce the total size of the dispersed particles. At the same time, the consumed power is increased because for the same experimental parameters (rotation speed, flow rate, mixing ratio), the average size of dispersed particles decreases and, consequently, the area of the interfacial surface increases

Index UDK: 66.02

Keywords: rotary, emulsion, RDS, RPA, disintegrator, mixer

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