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Lithological description of Dzurskian and Derevninskian deposits along Angara and Lower Tunguska rivers

Authors: Artem E. KOZIONOV was born in Moscow, 1993. Graduated from the Department of Mining Geology of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas in 2011. He is presently graduate student and engineer at the Department of Lithology of Gubkin University. He is specialist in the field of lithology of oil and gas fields and microanalysis of reservoir rocks. He has published 9 works, one of which is a monograph. E-mail: artemkozionov@mail.ru

Abstract: The analyzed area of the Riphean paleobasin is located in the western part of the Siberian Platform (East Siberian Basin). The deposits of Derevninskian and Dzurkian formations are represented by platform carbonates of different facies belts and to a minor extent by clastics. The depositional environment included several shallow marine facies of different biogenic zones and hydrodynamic regimes. Lithological characteristics logged in several outcrops, hand pieces and thin sections of the two formations, allow a founded paleo-reconstruction and mapping of the depositional facies within the Riphean basin

Index UDK: 551.7.022

Keywords: Riphean, Neo-proterozoic, Dzurskian formation, Derevninskian formation, depositional environment, carbonate sedimentation, Baikit anticline, Eneseyskian High, Angara fold-zone, East Siberian Basin, Siberian platform

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