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Mineralogical features of Osinskiy horizon carbonate reservoir rocks of Nepsko-Botuoba anteclise

Authors: Andrey S. KUZNETSOV is post-graduate student and senior engineer of the Department of Lithology of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (National Research University). E-mail: andrey.kuznecov.91@mail.ru
Irina A. KITAEVA is Assistant Lecturer of the Department of Lithology of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (National Research University). E-mail: irina_kitaeva@bk.ru

Abstract: The main carbonate deposits rock types of Osinskiy horizon of Nepsko-Botuo- ba anteclise were distinguished and characterized. The detailed mineralogical analysis of distinguished lithotypes, which was perfomed by the methods of x-ray diffractometry and microprobe analysis, detected a wide spectrum of authigenic minerals, such as halite, anhydrite, ankerite, graphite, cuboargyrite etc., in limestone and dolomite rocks. The ankerite formation mechanism was validated. The absence of direct correlation between potassium anomalies in Osinskiy horizon basement and presence of clay minerals were determined. The minerology of intervals with increased radioactivity values was characte-rized

Index UDK: 551.7.022

Keywords: carbonate rocks, minerology, lower Cambrian, Osinskiy horizon, Nepsko-Botuoba Anteclise, Siberian platform

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