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Authors: Nikolai A. EREMIN graduated from Gubkin Moscow Institute of Petrochemical and Gas Industry in 1978, and Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1986. He is Doctor of Technical Sciences, Head of the Analytical Center of Scientific and Technical Forecasting in Oil and Gas Industry of OGRI RAS. He is Full Professor of the Department of Oil Field Development of the Gubkin Russian State University (National Research University) of Oil and Gas. He is specialist in the area of the digitalization and intellectualization of hydrocarbon fields, the development of oil and gas fields and enhanced oil recovery. He is author of 153 scientific publications and 19 monographs. E-mail: ermn@mail.ru
Tatyana S. ZINOVKINA graduated from The Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas in 2004. She is Candidate of Technical Sciences (2013), research fellow of OGRI RAS. She is specialist in the area of the development of oil and gas fields. She is author of 17 scientific publications. E-mail: zints@mail.ru
Nikolai A. SHABALIN is Candidate of Geological-Mineralogical Sciences (2013), senior research fellow of OGRI RAS. He is specialist in the area of the geology of oil and gas fields. He is author of more than 30 scientific publications.
E-mail: n1264012@yandex.ru
Akran Ali SALEM is a postgraduate student of the Department of Oil Field Development of the Gubkin Russian State University (National Research University) of Oil and Gas. The focus of his academic interests is the development of oil and gas fields. He is author 5 scientific publications. E-mail: rgung@gubkin.ru

Abstract: Libya ranks 3rd in oil reserves and 4th in gas reserves on the African continent. Most of Libya's proven reserves of oil are concentrated in the oil and gas region of Sirte and the northern part of the Gulf of Gabes. The oil and gas region of Sirte accounts for 90% of the country's production. Prospects for oil and gas potential in Libya are related to the research in the Mediterranean Sea. Libyan offshore territory belongs to the Tunisian-Sicilian (Gulf of Gabes) and Eastern Mediterranean (Gulf of Sirte) oil and gas basins. Promising areas for the discovery of oil and gas fields are the Bay of Sirte, Gulf of Gabes and the depression of Syrtis Major. Analysis of available information on the oil and gas potential and prospects of the Libyan shelf’s interior is presented. The article describes the results of the analysis of new seismic data, reflecting the existence of a compressive force within the Libyan shelf. The latter can be explained by the collision of the African and Western European plates that began with the end of the Cretaceous period. The comprehensive research indicates favorable prospects for the discovery of hydrocarbon fields within the Libyan shelf

Index UDK: 553.98

Keywords: petroleum potential, Libyan shelf’s interior, oil and gas fields, Tunisian-Sicilian oil and gas basin, Eastern Mediterranean oil and gas basin, Bay of Sirte, Gulf of Gabes, depression of Syrtis Major

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