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Applying scanning probe microscopy to study morphology of solid surfaces
Technical sciences

Authors: Daria Yu. KHANUKAEVA graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in 1999, she is Candidate of Physico-Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Higher Mathematics. She is author of more than 30 publications in the field of mechanics and mathematics. E-mail khanuk@yandex.ru
Anatoly N. FILIPPOV (b. 1960) graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1982. He is Doctor of Physico-Mathematical Sciences, рrofessor of the Department of Higher Mathematics. He is author of more than 300 publications and 3 monographs in the fields of physicochemical mechanics, colloid chemistry and mathematics. E-mail filippov.a@gubkin.ru
Vladimir I. IVANOV (b. 1961) graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1983. Нe is Candidate of Physico-Mathematical Sciences, аssociate Professor of the Department of Higher Mathematics. He is author of more than 10 publications in the fields of physicochemical, hydrodynamics, colloid chemistry and mathematics. E-mail vladimir.i-ivanov@yandex.ru
Vasily V. KALININ (b. 1952) graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1974. He is Doctor of Physico-Mathematical Sciences. Head of the Department of Higher Mathematics. He is author of more than 70 publications in the fields of physicochemical hydrodynamics, colloid chemistry and mathematics. E-mail vm@gubkin.ru

Abstract: Five different examples of the use of scanning probe microscopy to study the morphology of solid rough surfaces were studied. These demonstrated the potential of a variety of AFM techniques. All these measurements were carried out on areas of micron-scale of the parts and pieces of research objects, which are geological materials, metal samples and polymer membranes with sizes down to a few nanometers. These results are related to the micro- and nanostructures of the materials studied and allow gathering information about their properties in these scales, thus opening up opportunities for the development of new models and technologies.

Index UDK: УДК 532.546.2

Keywords: atomic force microscopy, surface morphology, roughness, porous structure, minerals, polymeric membranes.

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