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The geological structure of production zones on the basis of detailed correlation of wells

Authors: Galina P. KUZNETSOVA graduated from Moscow Institute of petrochemical and gas indus-try in 1982. Associate Professor in the Department of production Geology of oil and gas Gubkin Russian State University (National Research University) of Oil and Gas. A specialist in the field of correlation of well logs, geological modeling and reserves estimation. Author of over 50 scientific publications, 12 textbooks, 3 patents for inventions. E-mail: gp_kuznetsova@mail.ru
Yana P.
LOTFULLINA graduated from Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas in 2015, the Department of production Geology of oil and gas. She is specializes in the field of geological modelling and reserves estimation. Engineer 2 categories, the EDC GROUP company. E-mail: lotfullina.yana@yandex.ru

Abstract: Analysis of drilling results and geological data from drilling production wells has shown that new information changed the initial presentation of the geological structure of the operational portion of the field under study. In accordance with the project documentation for the development of the deposits of the Tyumen Suite we identified two production zones: layers J2-4 and layers J5-6. Zones with changed geological certainty proved to be of more complex structure. The productive beds are in some cases completely washed away, which prevents the movement of fluid along the strike in the process of development. The most tectonically active and relatively stable zones within which mining is done differently have been selected within the study area. The fluid moves along the bedding within a relatively stable zone. In the tectonically active zone, stub zones are formed where the movement of the fluid is restricted or none at all. In this connection it is necessary to perform a comprehensive analysis of the geological structure of production zones with production and injection wells, controlling reservoir pressure in the development process. The results obtained have showed that the documentation for development require adjustments, and it is necessary to develop measures to regulate the development of these zones. The research was conducted within the framework of the geological model of the operational portion of the deposit.

Index UDK: УДК 553.98

Keywords: correlation of well sections, reservoir, development zone, formation, stratigraphic erosion, discordant occurrence, formation thickness, conditions of sedimentation, tectonics, tectonic movement, path of fluid filtration

1. Guidelines for the correlation of well sections under the editorship of Professor I.S. Gutman. M.: ID Nedra, 2013, 112 p.