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Evaluating and monitoring of automated dispatcher control system reli-ability
Design, construction and operation of pipeline transport

Authors: Iliya A. SEDYKH was born in 1982, graduated from Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas in 2005 specializing in Information and Computer Science. He continued his education and research work as a post graduate student in the field of the development of methods of evaluating reliability of gas transportation systems operation. At present he is receiving his additional higher education in the International school of Business «MIRBIS» majoring in Corporate and Strategic Management. He is CEO of the Department of Corporate Management of an engineering company in the oil and gas sector. He published 9 works. E-mail: ilya@sedyh.ru

Abstract: Specific problems of designing and practical application of information and analytical system of evaluating and monitoring of automated dispatcher control system reliability for gas transportation. The solution of the problem of ensuring reliability and failure rate prediction is proposed. A model of evaluating the reliability of operation and quality of maintenance of gas transportation system is suggested.

Index UDK: УДК: 620.9

Keywords: Reliability, monitoring, evaluation of reliability, technical condition control, failure record, Failure rate, maintenance quality