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Results of using multilevel technology to study Central Asian deep structures.
Petroleum geology, geophysics

Authors: Azamat S. ZAKIROV was born in 1984, graduated from Mirzo Ulugbek NUUz (Uzbekistan) in 2008. He is postgraduate student of the Department of Exploration Geophysics and Computer Systems of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas. Аuthor of 5 publications. E-mail: azamatzakirov@mail.ru

Abstract: The problems of joint interpretation of multi-level aeromagnetic data measurements, interpretation data of gravitational field and seismic data along the Kopetdag − the Aral Sea in Central Asia regional profile are considered. It is shown that the interpretation of multi-level aeromagnetic data can accurately determine the coordinates of the location and depth of deep tectonic faults. The obtained characteristics of tectonic faults are confirmed by a complex of analyzed independent geophysical data.

Index UDK: 528.026.3.550.838

Keywords: multilevel study, regional profiles, aeromagnetic survey, sections of earth crust, a complex of geophysical methods