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Experimental setup for studying mechanism of elastic waves action on filtering process
Drilling and development of hydrocarbon fields

Authors: Evgeny A. MARFIN graduated from KSU (Kazan State University) named after Ulyanov-Lenin in 1999. He is PhD, Leading Researcher at the Research Center for Energy KSC of the RAS, Senior Lecturer in electronics of the KFI. He is specialist in the field of energy-saving technologies and technical means of enhanced oil recovery and oil production intensification. He is author of over 100 scientific publications. : E-mail: marfin76@mail.ru
Alexei A. ABDRASHITOV graduated from KAI (Tupolev Kazan State Technical University) in 1981. He is Junior Researcher at the Research Center for Energy of KSC of the RAS. He specializes in the field of gas dynamics. He is author of more than 10 scientific publications E-mail: abdary@mail.ru.
Evgeny V. BELYAEV is student at Kazan State Power Engineering University. He is specializes in the field of electric power supply for industrial heat engineering. He is Fellow of Presidential and Governmental Scholarship of the Russian Federation. He is author of 4 scientific public

Abstract: The action of elastic waves on the fluid flow in porous media is studied. It is shown that the impact of elastic fluctuations on the saturated porous me- dium will increase the filtration coefficient. Increased filtration coefficient under wave action can increase the rate of flow of fluid in porous media and the effectiveness of the method of production. Based on the analysis of data from dif- ferent studies an experimental setup was developed to implement various options of overlaying fields of elastic waves. Some results confirming the hypothesis of the mechanism of action of elastic waves on the filtration process were obtained

Index UDK: УДК 622.276.6

Keywords: filtration, porous medium, oil, viscosity, elastic waves, wave action, oscillator, frequency, amplitude of oscilla-tion, filter factor

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