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Methodology of separate on-site geophysical monitoring of jointly operated oil reservoirs
Petroleum geology, geophysics

Authors: Sergey I. MELNIKOV was born in 1989. He is graduate student of the Department of Geophysical Information Systems of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas. His interests of research include hydrodynamic and down hole well logging, information technology in the field of control of field development. He is author of 13 publications. E-mail: s_melnikov@bk.ru

Abstract: This article analyzes the information capacity of hydrodynamic and on-site monitoring of wells drilled for combined development of multi zone oil reservoirs. A numerical model was used to evaluate the reliability and limits of applicability of standard methods of determining separately the reservoir parameters (based on the measurement of zone rates of production). The approximate formulas for the calculation of the individual characteristics of zones based on a priori information about the relationship of skin factors or permeabilities are obtained. A new method for assessing skin factors for the conditions of tapping up at least one operating zone by hydraulic fracturing (HF) is proposed. The method is based on the analysis of the change rate history of the zones production rates immediately after turning the well into production. The proposed methods have been tested using the results of surveys of the pumping wells of «Gazprom Neft» JSC.

Index UDK: 552.52

Keywords: hydrodynamic monitoring, on-site geophysical monitoring, multi zone wells, individual characteristic of zone parametres

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