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Rationale for business models of management of international projects of LNG production and supplies
Economics and management in fuel and energy complex industries

Authors: Aleksandr O. GABRIYELOV was born in 1987. He got Master’s degree in “Project Management” in 2010 at the Faculty of Management of the Higher scholl of Economics. He is junior researcher of the Laboratory of Project Risks Analysis of OOO “Gazprom VNIIGAZ”. He published 3 works in the filed of economics and management. E-mail: biblioteka@gubkin.ru

Abstract: LNG is the most dynamically developing segment of the world gas market with dozens of projects being under way or planned all over the world. Specific charater of LNG projects requires special approach to management and in particular a rationale of the project business model. The main business models of of LNG projects are idebtified and described, their advantages and risks are shown, the fac tors affecting the choice of the model are evaluated. The theory of real options and simulation modeling was used to assess the managerial flexibility characteristic of a number of business models.

Index UDK: 658(075.8)

Keywords: Liquefied natural gas (LNG), Business models, arbitrage, real options