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The analysis of the conditions and prerequisites for the formation of innovative development of the oil industry
Economics and management in fuel and energy complex industries

Authors: Anna P. TOMINA graduated from the Russian State University of Trade and Economics (RSUTE) in 2009. She is post-graduate student and lecturer of the Department of Crisis and Strategic Management of the Russian State University of Trade and Economics. She is author of 12 publications in the field of fuel-energy complex. E-mail: anntomina@mail.ru

Abstract: The modern structure of the global economy is characterized by a high degree of globalization, integration and increasing interdependence of its individual sectors, the most significant being the world power. Of course, oil and gas industry is the foundation of the world energy sector and identifies trends in all other branches of power in the national and global energy balance. Consequently, strategic management of both the entire energy complex and its most important component - the oil industry, will allow to reduce the risks of uncertainty and to find effective ways of functioning of the energy market for innovative development and the global economy as a whole and its individual components, designed to increase the standard of living of the population

Index UDK: 338.24

Keywords: global financial crisis, raw-material orientation of the economy, problem of innovation development of enterprise, transition from inertial to innovative model of development, problems of oil and gas industry of Russia, main objectives of oil and gas industry, vertically integrated structure, multiplier of value added cost, share of value added cost, innovation strategy for Russia's development, strategy of vertical integration