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Modeling Anomalous Sections in the Upper Jurassic and Achimov Complex Rock Structures of North Konitlorsk Deposit on the Basis of Detailed Correlation of Well Sections and Seismic Measurements
Petroleum geology, geophysics

Authors: Igor S. GUTMAN graduated from the Moscow Mining Institute in 1956. He has been working as professor of the Department of Production Geology of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas since 1994, he is also Director of the Institute of Engineering and Scientific Expertise in the Field of Oil and Gas Fields Development (affiliated to the department since 1997) and Center for Computer Modeling of Hydrocarbons (since 2002). He is author of six books and more than 150 scientific papers. E-mail: mail@ipne.ru
Oleg I. KATAYEV graduated from the Faculty of Geology of Gomel State University in 1978. He is Deputy Director for R&D in the field of Geology and Geophysics at OOO “LUKOIL-Engineering”. He is a author of more than 50 research papers in the field of geology and exploration of oil and gas fields. He is author more than 30 scientific papers. E-mail: oleg.kataev@lukoil.com
Alexander O. KATAYEV graduated from Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas in 2010. He is Ph.D. student of the Department of Production Geology of Oil and Gas, engineer of the Institute of Design and Scientific Expertise of Oil and Gas Fields (affiliated to the department). E-mail: alexandrkataev@gmail.com

Abstract: Analyzing the petroleum geology of the Upper Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous deposits the authors recommend and provide instructional techniques of detailed correlation of the complex elements of the structure such as clinoforms and abnormal sections of the Bazhenov Formation.

Index UDK: 553.982

Keywords: geology, detailed correlation, clinoforms, anomalous sections of the Bazhenov Formation, Western Siberia

1. Bordyug M.A. and other. Features of the structure and the formation of abnormal cut Bazhenov on the example of the North-Konitlorskogo deposit//Oil and gas geology.  2010.  No. 1.  S. 3240.
2. Gutman I.S. Well log correlation of complex oil and gas objects based on innovative technologies//RSU of Oil and Gas named after IM Gubkin, 2011.