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Modern teaching aids in technical education - simulators based on software and hardware platforms
Automation, modeling and energy supply in oil and gas sector

Authors: Maxim D. GAMMER graduated from Tyumen State Oil and Gas University, specializing in »Machinery and equipment for oil and gas fields» in 2004. He is Ph.D., Associate Professor, Head of the IT Center of the Institute of Geology and Oil and Gas Recovery of the TyumGNGU. E-mail: MaxGammer@gmail.com
Sergei P. KOLESNIKOV graduated from the Tyumen State Oil and Gas University, specializing in »Mechanical Engineering, Cutting machines and Tools» in 1986. He is PhD., Associate Professor, Head of the of the R&D Applications of the TyumGNGU ESM Research Institute. E-mail: skolesnilov10@gmail.com

Abstract: Proceedings of international conferences in the field of modern teaching aids such as ITEC, SCS, SigGraph, International Conference on Artificial Reality and Tele-existence suggest that «computer training facilities» are increasingly used in aviation, navigation, power engineering, military forces, medicine and aeronautics, as well as the areas where physical training is associated with these difficulties, particularly in the training of personnel engaged in dangerous and critical areas of production, and those areas where their use is strictly regulated by law (simulators). Moreover, at the moment there are very few serious studies on the definition and development of the concepts of efficiency and key performance of simulators in industry and in education.
This article summarizes the main results of the studies of the performance of simulators (both for training centers of enterprises, as well as for educational institutions), conducted at the Research Institute of Electronic Educational Resources of TyumGNGU.
The question of the application of modern computer-based technologies for creating a virtual reality (VR) and the issue of the use of simulators in the Learning Management System (LMS), E-learning, distance education system is considered separately.

Index UDK: 621.38

Keywords: computer simulation training equipment, distributed training systems, SCORM, LMS, VR