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Packaging bitumen and other special petroleum products
Design, construction and operation of pipeline transport

Authors: Pavel V. KOVALENKO graduated from the Novopolotsk Polytechnic Institute in 1984. He is Associate Professor of the Department of Pipeline Transportation of the Polotsk State University. He is author of over 50 publications in the field of transport of petroleum products. E-mail: PV.Kovalenko@mail.ru

Abstract: A large variety of existing methods of packaging highly solidifying products is due to their specific properties. The article describes various types of packaging and methods used in the packaging industry for highly solidifying oil products. A new technology of petroleum products packaging with polyethylene film is proposed. It is shown that the benefit of polyethylene film is that it is possible to utilize it along with products such as bitumen and its compositions, thus reducing labor costs for the release of the product from the container when used by the consumer and eliminates environmental pollution with solid waste.

Index UDK: [655:622.692.4.052] 519.865

Keywords: bitumen, special petroleum products, heat transfer processes highly solidifying petroleum products, transportation process, packaging, technology, ecology