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Technology of integrated physical and geological modeling on the basis of system inversion
Petroleum geology, geophysics

Authors: Sergei G. KUDELIN works at the Ukhta State Technical University, he is software specialist (Category 2).E-mail: skudelin@ugtu.net
Maxim I. BARABANOV is Director of the Computing Center of the Ukhta State University. E-mail: mbarabanov@ugtu.net
Alexander I. KOBRUNOV is Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. He works at the Ukhta State Technical University. He is the head of school of science. E-mail: aikobrunov@gmail.com

Abstract: This paper describes a technique for simulating complex environments based on the methods of integrated inversion. The basic principles of software system development to create and maintain balanced physical and geological environment models «GeoVIP», as well as its functionality are considered.

Index UDK: 550.34.013.4

Keywords: geophysical inversion, physical and geological model, program editor «GeoVIP»

1. Kobrunov A.I. Matematicheskie osnovy teorii interpretacii geofizicheskih dannyh [Mathematical Foundations of the theory of geophysical data interpretation]. Ukhta, Ukhta State Technical University, 2007.
2. Kobrunov A.I., Zharkoj G.S. The statement and the principles for solving inverse problems of magnetotelluric sounding for environments with distributed parameters. Geophysics, No. 4, 9–16 (2010).
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