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Updating models of planning and optimization of Refinery/Petrochemical Complex and metering of energy consumption
Automation, modeling and energy supply in oil and gas sector

Authors: Evgueni S. BAULIN was born in 1986. He graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) in 2009. He is engineer of the Department of Planning and Operational Management Systems of the of “Honeywell”, graduate student of the Department of Technical Cybernetics at MIPT. He is author of 8 scientific papers. E-mail: Evgeny.Baulin@honeywell.com
Andrey B. BORONIN was born in 1956. He graduated Gubkin Moscow Institute of Petrochemical and Gas Industry in 1978. He was a post-graduate student of the Institute of Control of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and in 1987 he defended his thesis for the degree of candidate of technical sciences, specializing in automated control systems. For more than 20 years he worked in the Institute of Control (Senior Fellow). His research interests are: mathematical programming, combinatorial optimization, optimization algorithms for networks and graphs. He is author of more than 10 scientific papers. E-mail: Andrey.Boronin@honeywell.com
Alexander S. KHOKHLOV was born in 1948. He graduated from the Moscow Institute of Chemical Engineering in 1972, specializing in “Automation of chemical production”. He is Professor of the Department of Automation of Industrial Processes at Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas. Head of of the Department of Planning and Operational Control Systems of “Honeywell”. He is author of 45 works, including 2 patents. He has prepared three candidates of sciences. E-mail: Alexander.Khokhlov@honeywell.com

Abstract: Various problems and methods of updating the optimization models of planning Refinery/Petrochemical Complex in the simulation systems of RPMS type are considered. The most reliable way in terms of getting solutions has been implemented in the form of specialized options, developed in addition to the basic configuration of the system to account for the RPMS in the models of planning variable rates of energy consumption. The proposed method can also be implemented in other systems of production planning.

Index UDK: 658.5

Keywords: planning, optimization, automated tools, updating the model, improving efficiency

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