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Evaluation of reliability of plunger pumps sealing units, based on probabilistic-physical approach to wear
Automation, modeling and energy supply in oil and gas sector

Authors: Ibrahim Abulfas oglu GABIBOV graduated from the Azerbaijan Oil and Chemistry Institute named after M. Azizbekov in 1973. He is Professor, Head of the Department of Engineering Graphics of the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy. He is author 182 publications in the field of oilfield equipment and machinery. E-mail: h.ibo@mail.ru
Vusala Shakir GUSEINOVA graduated from Azerbaijan State Oil Academy in 1977, she is an engineer. Аuthor of 14 scientific papers in the field of oilfield equipment and machinery. E-mail: vh74@mail.ru

Abstract: The process of wear of the sealing units of plunger oilfield pumps is considered as a continuous Markov process with monotonic implementations, which corresponds to the diffusion monotonic (DM) distribution. To estimate the parameters of this distribution an iterative procedure that converges quickly to the exact values of the parameters is suggested.

Index UDK: 622.276.58.054:621.658-762.444

Keywords: probabilistic-physical model of failure, operating performance characteristics of product, diffusion distribution, fan-linear process, continuous Markov process