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Study of O- and N-containing derivatives of linear α-olefins as oil-soluble corrosion inhibitors
Oil and gas processing, chemistry of oil and gas

Authors: Sakit Rauf oglu RASULOV was born in 1956. He graduated from the Chemical Engineering Department of Azerbaijan State Oil Academy in 1976. He is Vice Rector for Science and Technology of Azerbaijan State Oil Academy, Head of the Department of Occupational Safety, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor. He published 83 scientific works in the field of oil and gas production and oil refining.
Leila Abdy kyzy MAKHMUDOVA graduated from Baku State University in 2003. She is Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Occupational Safety of Azerbaijan State Oil Academy. She is author of 32 scientific papers in the field of corrosion inhibitors and rust-preventing liquids.
E-mail: biblioteka@gubkin.ru

Abstract: The results of the synthesis of higher nitro-based α-olefins in solvents, as well as amides and amino esters from petroleum acids extracted from different fractions of the Baku oil with di, and tri-ethanol-amines are considered. The compounds were tested as anti-corrosion additives to mineral oil I-40 to increase its protective properties against corrosion in various aggres-sive environments.

Index UDK: 622.276

Keywords: multifunctional corrosion inhibitors, atmospheric corrosion, mineral oil, rust-preventing fluids, oil-soluble corrosion inhibitors, nitro compounds, α-olefins diamine-derivative amides of petroleum acids.