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Geologic Studies of Deep Geocryological Conditions in Oil and Gas Fields
Petroleum geology, geophysics

Authors: Victor P. FILIPPOV was born in 1947 graduated from Gubkin Moscow Institute of Petrochemical and Gas Industry in 1970, specializing in development geology, prospecting and exploration of oil and gas fields. He is Professor of the Department of Oil and Gas Geology of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, Doctor of Geological-Mineralogical Sciences. He published over 110 scientific papers, 5 monographs, and textbooks. He prepared 11 candidates of sciences. E-mail: filippov.a@gubkin.ru
Kim A. POLOZKOV was born in 1982. He graduated from K.E. Tsiolkovsky RGUT. He is Candidate of Technical. Sciences, specialist in drilling of oil and gas wells. He is Advisor to the Director General for Development of JSC “Nordeco Eurasia”. Аuthor of 15 publications and 4 inventions. E-mail: polozk@mail.ru

Abstract: The article shows that complications and accidents occurring in oil and gas wells in Russia during construction and operation in permafrost areas occur largely because of the lack of detailed data on the structure of the frozen section, permafrost conditions and, accordingly, lack of consideration of these during construction of wells and monitoring of wells interaction with frozen rock. The application of increasingly widely used method of processing of standard logging (ISKCON), allowing to analyze the frozen section without drilling special holes and without cryogenic coring in all wells of oil and gas fields to study the complex parameters of permafrost in the wells. The data obtained are presented in the catalogs, as well as maps and their three dimensional representations of deep geocryological conditions change over the fields area.

Index UDK: 622.692.4

Keywords: well, permafrost, permafrost conditions, standard logging, maintenance, schematic map, relief representation