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Improving methods of tariffication of long-distance pipelining of oil
Economics and management in fuel and energy complex industries

Authors: Valentina D. ZUBAREVA Gubkin State University of Oil & Gas, doctor of economic sciences, prof. member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, over 180 publications in the field of economics and finance of oil and gas industry.
Stefan G. LOPOVOK (b. 1983) Gubkin State University of Oil & Gas, manager at LLK International, 12 publications in the field of economics of pipeline transport of oil and gas.
E-mail: biblioteka@nedrainform.ru

Abstract: Technical aspects of tariffication of long-distance pipeline transport of oil have been improved to develop market relations in Russia's oil and gas sector. The idea of applying a «quality bank» when transporting oil by long-distance pipelines is introduced

Index UDK: 65.01+621.6

Keywords: tariff, trunk pipeline