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Improving the system of field development for J1 layers of one the oilfields of «Gazpromneft-Noyabrskneftegaz»
Drilling and development of hydrocarbon fields

Authors: Maria G. SVAROVSKAYA (b. 1984). In 2006 was graduated Tomsk polytechnical university. The expert of a department of monitoring of development and hydrodynamical modelling of a society with limited liability “Gaspromneft the scientific and technical center”, Noyabrsk (Open Company “Gaspromneft the scientific and technical center”). The author of 27 publications. E-mail: Svarovskaya.MG@yamal.gazprom-neft.ru
Ivan M. KOLESNIKOV (b. 1929). In 1954 has ended chemical faculty of the Moscow oil institute it. I.M. Gubkina, Dr. Chem. Sci., the honored worker of a science of the Russian Federation. Now works in RSU oil and gas as it. I.M. Gubkin, the professor of faculty physical and colloidal chemisty. It is published from above 700 clause, 13 monographies, 93 patents.

Abstract: Variants of development system improvement based on waterflooding system formation are suggested. Parametes influencing the waterflooding effectiveness such as the shape of displacement front curve, wettability analysis, the presence of hydraulically connected zones etc. are analyzed. The technical possibility of variants realization is assessed. The economical benefits are calculated.

Index UDK: 622.276

Keywords: reservoir, development, modeling, field, water flooding