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Production effectivity of the rock-bit by the metods of designing and technology
Drilling and development of hydrocarbon fields

Authors: Vitaly А. YASASHIN (b. 1954) finished the secondary school in 1971 and entered the department of mechanics of the Moscow Institute of the petrochemical and gas industry named by I.M. Gubkin (now Russian State University of Oil and Gas). He graduated from the Institute in 1976 and after graduate doctoratory in 1979. At present he is doctor-assistant of sciences, assistant - professor of the Russia State University of Oil and Gas named by I.M. Gubkin, the author of more then 100 science publications, coneerning quality amelioration of the rock-bits, including 35 patents. E-mail: biblioteka@nedrainform.ru

Abstract: The article introduces the analysis of the design and production of the rock-bits and their service conditions. The results of the Research and development of the service processes and reliability of the rock-bits components as well as the efficiency of the rock-bit cleaning unit are introduced. These improve the quality of the rock-bits service and drilling processes

Index UDK: 622.24.051.55

Keywords: drilling bit, reliability of operation, efficiency