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Features of the structure of Jurassic deposits cyclites of Yamal-Kara region
Petroleum geology, geophysics

Authors: Gennady J. SHILOV was born in 1946, graduated from Azerbaijan institute of oil and chemistry (Baku) in 1970. He is Doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences, prof. of the Dept. of Theoretical Basics of Prospecting and Exploration for Oil and Gas of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas. He is the author of more than 100 scientific publications. E-mail: genshilov@istel.ru
Karina D. LAGVILAVA. She has a master’s degree of the Department of Theoretical Basics of Prospecting and Exploration for Oil and Gas at Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas. E-mail: prettygirl46@mail.ru
Marina A.KALITA graduated from Moscow State University, Geology Department in 1982. She is senior researcher of Scientific-Research Institute of Natural Gases and Gas Technologies — VNIIGAZ. She is the author more than 20 scientific publications. E-mail: marinakalita@yahoo.com

Abstract: The article deals with the cyclic structure of Jurassic deposits of the North of Western Siberia. To substantiate the regional cyclites correlation method was used, which implements the principle of chronostratigraphic section intervals tracking, using an approach based on a combination of the correlation method of frame, cyclites and characteristic intervals of pore pressure gradients curves. Previously, from the graphs of the tectonic subsidence structures, the scheme of cyclicity of Jurassic tectonosedimentary complexes at the studied shelf of the Kara Sea is refined

Index UDK: 559.839

Keywords: correlation, geological sections, cyclites, graphics, tectonic subsidence, seismic data