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Faulted block structure and new tectonic movements of the Suzun field according to the data of geological interpretation of space images
Petroleum geology, geophysics

Authors: Ludmila V. MILOSERDOVA (b. 1948) education Higher, Faculty of Geology, MSU job Gubkin RSU of oil and gas. Department of theoretic base of research and prospecting oil and gas degree candidate of geological-mineralogical science number of publications 62, including 1 textbook, 4 tutorials.
Andrey V. SHAYDAKOV (b. 1986) education Higher, Gubkin RSU of oil and gas, Fa- culty of geology and geophysics of oil and gas post-graduate student of Krylov scientific research institute of oil number of publications 2. E-mail: andrew@shaidakoff.com

Abstract: Singularities of lineations grid interpreted in the space image of the Suzun gas condensate field (north-west of West Siberia) are considered. The lineations grid was studied by computer (LESSA software) and expert methods. A faulted block structure of the field is proposed which does not contradict the available geological geophysical data but is not allowed for by the accepted field model.

Index UDK: 550.8

Keywords: geology, remote sensing, lineations, block structure, faults, Suzun