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Kinetics of the oxyethylation of alcohols, as the instrument of research of supramolecular structure of liquid phase. Is there existence of the structural transitions in liquid methanol, predicated on the base of the kinetic research?
Oil and gas processing, chemistry of oil and gas

Authors: Boris Yakovlevich STUL’ was born in 1945. In 1965 he graduated from Gubkin Moscow state institute of petrochemical and gas industry (now — Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas). Ph.D. in Chemistry. The leading scientific associate of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise of scientific research institute “Synthesis” Moscow, the author about 80 publications in the field of chemical kinetics and chemical engineering. Е-mail: b.st@mail.ru

Abstract: Kinetics of the oxyethylation of C4−C7 normal alcohols and methanol was examined at the initial stage in the presence of basic catalyst at the temperature range 80−180°C (80−150°C for methanol) under an excess pressure 1,5 MPa. The experimental results were found to be adequately described by the kinetic equation that takes into account association of the alcohol molecules by means of formation of hydrogen bonds. The model predicts the existence of two structural transitions for liquid methanol at 107,5 and 140°C.

Index UDK: 541.128

Keywords: kinetics of oxyethylation, alcohols, methanol, phase transition