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The quality control of pipes at manufacturers the corporate requirement of open society «Gazprom» on maintenance of the guaranteed level of safety and quality
Economics and management in fuel and energy complex industries

Authors: Maxim P. POLIKARPOV (b. 1976) graduated from Gubkin Academy of Oil and Gas, candidate of technical sciences, assistant-prof. at Dept. of Quality management, standardization and certification of oil and gas equipment. 35 publications. E-mail: m_pol@rambler.ru

Abstract: Customer's representatives can be invited to control the quality of tubular goods at the manufacturer's works as a means of providing the assurance level of safety and quality. The main corporate principles of open society «Gazprom» in the field of the competence of the inspecting organization authorized to control the quality, are identified.

Index UDK: 58.512.26

Keywords: pipes, tubular goods, quality, safety, inspection, competence