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Properties of the system of equations and solytion structure for problem of oil dusplacement by gas mixtures
Automation, modeling and energy supply in oil and gas sector

Authors: Antonina K. KOZLOVA (b. 1980). Education: Russian State University of Oil and Gas, Department of Automatics and Computer facilities, Chair of Applied Mathematics and Computer Modeling (diploma with the mark of distinction) in 2003. Experince: Scientific Associate at the Institute for Problems in Mechanics Russian Academy of Science; Assistant at the Russian State University of Oil and Gas, Chaer of Applied Mathematics and Computer Modeling (part-time). E-mail: kozlova@ipmnet.ru

Abstract: A two phase «oil-gas» system in local thermodynamic equilibrium is considered. An alternative approach is being developed nowadays to solve compositional models. According to this approach a multicomponent problem is partly separated and the auxiliary problem is formulated in terms of thermodynamic variables. It is shown that the eigenvalues of full problem are expressed through the eigenvalues of auxiliary problem. The technique of hyperbolicity check is developed using the method of auxiliary variable space scanning. Research results can be used in developing of efficient algorithms for compositional problem.

Index UDK: 622.32

Keywords: compositional model, approximation of phase equilibrium, two-steps method