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Modylar celled catalyzator for gasoline fraction hydroforming
Oil and gas processing, chemistry of oil and gas

Authors: Gulnara M. ABDRAKHMANOVA (b. 1980) at 2003 graduated Russian State University of oil and gas named by I.M. Gubkin. Candidate of technological sciences.
Elena A. CHERNYSHEVA (b. 1962) at 1984 graduated Moscow institute petrochemical and gas industry named by I.M. Gubkin. Candidate of chemical sciences, docent.
Alexander I. KOZLOV (b. 1950) at 1978 graduated Moscow chemico-technological university named by D.I. Mendeleev. Doctor of technic sciences, professor.
Ivan A. KOZLOV (b. 1983) at 2006 graduated Russian chemico-technological university named by D.I. Mendeleev. Student in further education. E-mail: biblioteka@nedrainform.ru

Abstract: Purpose of research is design of technology, which makes it possible to get a new catalytic systems for hydroforming process of gasoline fraction. For the first time catalytic system from modular highly porous material is synthesized for hydrofining process of light distillate fraction. It includes palladium like active component and sulphated dioxide of zirconium like supporting structure.

Index UDK: 665.6/.7

Keywords: hydroforming, catalytic systems, modular highly porous material