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Parameters of voltage fall under accidents in oil-gas electric power supply nets
Automation, modeling and energy supply in oil and gas sector

Authors: Mikhail S. YERSHOV was born in 1952 graduated from Gubkin Moscow Institute of Petrochemical and Gas Industry in 1979. He is doctor of technical sciences, professor. He published over 160 works on the problems of reliability, stability and efficiency of oil and gas industry systems. E-mail: msershov@yandex.ru
Nikolay V. VALOV was born in 1987, graduated from Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas in 2008. he is a postgraduate student of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Electrification of Oil and gas industry. E-mail: nvv87@mail.ru

Abstract: Dependences of transformer secondary voltage asymmetry coefficient on external disturbances and distance between transformer and disturbance place are considered. Different types of asymmetry short circuit as well as systems with different transformers are considered

Index UDK: 622.323

Keywords: electro-technical system, transformer, mathematical model, short circuit, external disturbances, asymmetry disturbances, asymmetry coefficient