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State of the art of lubricant waste recycling in Russia
Oil and gas processing, chemistry of oil and gas

Authors: Rodion O. CHEREDNICHENKO was born in 1967, graduated from Groznyi Institute of Oil in 1989. He is Chairman of the Board of OOO “Rosa-1”, author of 10 publications on waste collection and recycling. E-mail: belovatanya2007@rambler.ru
Leshek STANKOWSKI was born in 1964, graduated from Gubkin Moscow Institute of Petrochemical and Gas Industry 1988. He is candidate of technical sciences, chief process engineer at OOO “Rosa-1”. He published 30 works in the field of lubricating materials and holder of 13 patents. E-mail: kriestik@list.ru
Victoria A. DOROGOCHINSKAYA graduated from GNI named after academician M.D. Millionschikov, candidate of technical sciences, assistant professor at Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas. She is the author of 130 works and holder of 16 patents in the field of oil processing and chemmotology. E-mail: dvia@list.ru

Abstract: A comprehensive analysis of the state of the art in the national industry for collecting and recycling of lubricant wastes (RLW) was carried out. The current standard for RLW the requirements of the current standards for LW are shown to contradict to real working conditions of scavengers and need correction (for water content, in particular). It is suggested to use the saponification ratio to identify synthetic components, additives and products of their transmutation as well as oil aging in LW. The industrial process of LW recycling implemented at OOO Rosa-1 on the basis of the proprietary patented process using a flexible and multi-variant scheme is considered. As exemplified by a number of obtained products their quality is compatible with that of fresh oil

Index UDK: 621.892

Keywords: waste lubricants, collection, recycling