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Oil and gas content of the Adaman sea Magui terrace
Petroleum geology, geophysics

Authors: So AUNG was born 1966 in the Republic of Myanmar. Graduated from Yangon University in 1987. Received master’s Degree in petroleum geology in 2005. Works as a geologist for. He is presently a postgraduate student of the Department of Field Geology at Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas. He did research on the geological structure of Aulan area at Yangon University and Myanmar Oil and Gas Company in 1997 and oil and gas content of Palos region in 2005.
Anatolyi S. FILIN was born 1934. Graduated from MNI in 1959. He is Head of The Laboratory of Geology and Geochemistry, candidate of geological and geochemical sciences. He has a long-term experience of work in different oil-and-gas bearing basins of Russia and overseas. He published over 60 works in the field of oil and gas prospecting and exploration. E-mail: biblioteka@nedrainform.ru

Abstract: Oil and gas content of the Magui terrace is characterized basing on a complex of geological, geophysical and geochemical data. Thermogenic hydrocarbons formed in the lower part of the oil window or in the upper part of the gas zone, constituting the major share of proven hydrocarbon reserves of the region with a high content of carbon dioxide.

Index UDK: 550.8

Keywords: oil and gas content, Magui terrace, source rock, Reservoir, hydrocarbon migration, hydrocarbon system