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Method of risk recording and analysis for oil and gas projects
Economics and management in fuel and energy complex industries

Authors: Alexander F. ANDREEV was born in 1945, graduated in 1973, Moscow Institute of Petrochemical and Gas Industry. I.M. Gubkin’s degree in economics and organization of oil and gas industry. Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor, dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management, Chair of Production Management. Author of more than 220 works in the field of economics, organization, planning and management in the oil and gas industry. E-mail: pro_men@list.ru
Ekaterina V. BURYKINA was born in 1987, has ended in 2009 the Russian state university of oil and gas of I.M. Gubkin. In a magistracy in a direction «Management» under the program «Management of projects» now studies. The engineer of chair of industrial management. Dealing with the problems of accounting, risk analysis and assessment of oil and gas projects. E-mail: katya_burykina@mail.ru

Abstract: For activity of the enterprises of the oil and gas industry except general views of risks (political, social, financial, commercial, etc.) such kinds as risk not opening of a deposit, opening of an unprofitable deposit, a deviation from optimum strategy of investigation, etc. the Account, an estimation and the analysis of these risks allows to raise validity of the design decision are characteristic and to lower probability of acceptance of the ineffective project. On an example of the project of working out of an oil deposit possibility of use of various methods of a quantitative estimation of risks and carrying out of the comparative analysis of the received results is shown

Index UDK: УДК: 65.050

Keywords: risk, Uncertainty, the analysis, estimation of risks, decision-making, oil and gas deposits