Procedures for Submitting Manuscripts

Manuscript Order:

  1. Title, names of all authors with indication of affiliation of each author (Appendix 1)
  2. Abstract, key words
  3. Body of the paper (see paragraphs 1, 3-6 of Instructions for Manuscript Preparation)
  4. References
  5. Information about all authors (see Appendix 2)

Instructions for Manuscript Preparation:

  1. Papers submitted should be no longer than 10–14 pages (Word, font size 12 double-spaced with no elements layout) or 18-24 thousand characters (including spaces). Pages should be numbered.
  2. The volume of abstracts should be 5-6 sentences (100-250 words). The abstract should be accompanied by key words and phrases that characterize the main aspects of the topic.
  3. The number of formulae should be no more than 8 (without intermediate conclusions). Latin characters in mathematical or physical formulae should be in italics. Greek symbols and figures should be typed upright. Chemical formulae should only be drawn upright. Complex formulae should be typed in one piece in formula editor. If several formulae appear in a row, then they should be typed each separately. Each formula should appear on an individual line.
  4. The number of tables should be no more than 4. Tables should be typed 1 or 2 pt smaller than the body size. Each table should have a title and be numbered in sequential order and inserted in the text where first cited.
  5. The number of figures should be no more than 6. Figures should be submitted as separate files in TIFF or CorelDRAW formats (up to version 12) and arranged in a separate folder. Charts and graphs can be provided in CorelDRAW (all fonts in the files must be converted to "curves") or Microsoft Word or Excel plotter programs. Scanned images are not allowed due to the significant reduction in image quality. 
    In addition, each figure should be inserted into the body of the text following its first reference in the text.
  6. All used letter symbols and abbreviations should be explained. Please use SI units of measurements.

Submission Procedure

Please submit your papers at or as follows:

  1. Article.
  2. Cover letter (Appendix 3).