The first issue of the “Proceedings of Moscow Petroleum Institute” (now “Proceedings of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas”) came out in 1939, coinciding with the fifth anniversary of the Institute. The idea of publishing the journal belongs to the founder of Petroleum Geology, the first rector of Moscow Petroleum Institute (now Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas) academician Ivan M. Gubkin. The publication was aimed at disseminating the results of scientific research performed by the University scholars to solve the practical tasks of the petroleum industry. The tradition of familiarizing the executives and specialists of the industry as well as university professors and students with the latest developments in petroleum science continues to this day. The publication offers works of leading specialists of the oil and gas sector, scholars of other universities and the Russian Academy of Sciences, involved in R&D in this area.

For over 75 years Gubkin scholars have been conducting fundamental and applied research, pioneering in many areas of petroleum engineering. They developed the theoretical basis and implemented the methods of edge waterflooding and forced production of flooded wells, turbodrilling, construction of underground storage facilities etc. These achievements have been described in over 250 issues of the journal published during the period.

One of the most significant results of research and educational activities of Gubkin scholars has been the formation of scientific schools which have been of great importance for the advance of the national petroleum sector and training of highly professional scientific and engineering personnel.

Over decades the scientific schools have educated several generations of disciples who have adopted the practices of the founders of the scientific schools. These graduates have formed the backbone of the national oil and gas science and industry sectors. Their achievements are now published in the “Proceedings of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas”.

Today the “Proceedings of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas” comes out quarterly. Coverage in the journal spans the following topics: Geology, Geophysics; Drilling, Development, Production; Transportation, Storage; Processing, Chemistry of Oil and Gas; Computerized Control Systems, Modeling of Oil and Gas Production; Economics, Management. Papers submitted for publication are to be reviewed and approved by the Editorial Board. The editors treat the authors and their work with respect and seek understanding through constructive feedback rather than indulge in criticism. Neither the strengths nor the weaknesses of the papers or the reviews are discussed with third parties.

The Editorial Board believe that the materials published in the journal will be of interest for specialists and researchers working on fundamental and applied problems of the oil and gas industry.