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"Proceedings of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas" is a collected volume containing leading edge contributions in fundamentals and applications of oil and gas science.

The journal is published quarterly.

The scope of research papers includes the following topics: Geology, Geophysics; Drilling, Development, Production; Transportation, Storage; Processing, Chemistry of Oil and Gas; Computerized Control Systems, Modeling of Oil and Gas Production; Economics, Management.

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Recent issue № 1/294, 2019

Geoinformation environment of remote methods of geoecological research of oil and gas complex objects
Particular attention is paid to the problems of the development and use of digital platforms for working with spatial data obtained on the basis of remote sensing systems (Earth remote sensing). The key task in this list is to develop the technologies for automated processing of remote sensing data, based on the use of methods of interpretation, modeling and visualization. The results of experimental studies of the construction of the geoinformation environment in the tasks of geoecological research on the basis of remote sensing technologies for the implementation of oil and gas complex projects are presented
Technologies and Features of Development of Hydrocarbon Deposits in Shallow-Water Transit Zones of the Kara Sea Priyamalsk Shelf
Deposits Kharasaveyskoe and Kruzenshternskoye are located on the Arctic shelf of the Kara Sea. The main difficulties encountered during the development are the harsh Arctic climate, the navigation period of 2-3 months, permafrost, shallow depths of the sea with a thick stratum of mud up to 20 m. Taking into account the climatic and geological conditions, the article suggests various options for the development of hydrocarbon deposits in shallow-water transit zones of the Priyamalsk shelf of the Kara Sea. We propose to use up-to-date technologies and methods of arrangement: to construct artificial islands and drill inclined wells from the shore
Petrophysical Model of Dependence between Resistivity Saturation Factor and Normalized Effective Porosity
На основании разработанной модели предложены алгоритмы расчета коэффициента нефтегазонасыщенности и способы контроля результатов интерпретации данных комплекса геофизических исследований скважин (ГИС). The paper considers derivation of the dependence between resistivity saturation factor and normalized effective porosity in the zone of maximum hydrocarbon saturation of the reservoir. Verification of the developed parametric model showed good agreement between the calculated values of the resistivity saturation factor and the results of the laboratory petrophysical measurements on core samples from terrigenous reservoirs of Western Siberia.
On the basis of the developed model algorithms for calculating oil and gas saturation coefficient and methods for monitoring the interpretation results of well logging data are proposed
Oil-Gas Potential of Chengbei Sag in Bohai Bay Basin (China)
Chengbei sag is one of the structure units of the Bohai Bay basin, which is a major oil and gas field in China. It is a graben basin depositing on the basement of Precambrian and mainly developing Cenozoic sedimentation. The hydrocarbon potential and saturation of these deposits are considered
Features of Logging While Drilling in Horizontal Wells to Estimate Reservoir Properties
The features of logging while drilling (LWD) in horizontal wells are considered. When logging while drilling, geophysical tools are incorporated in the bottom-hole assembly (BHA) above the bit. The composition of the BHA when drilling horizontal wells and offsets of sensors depending on the drilling method (RSS or DDM) are considered. Features of image data recording in horizontal wells with azimuthal tools are described. The factors influencing the BHA composition are analyzed, some of them being: the tasks to be solved, the drilling method, the well design and technical conditions in it, the presence or absence of geosteering service. The environment (lithological conditions) influencing the LWD complex is shown. The limitations imposed on the LWD complex are listed. Various information channels and peculiarities of data transmission in real time mode are considered. It is shown that both information channels transmitting data to the surface and autonomous channels for recording data limit the volume of the logging while drilling complex
Biomarker characterizations of the Upper Cretaceous Shiranish formation in the south-eastern part of Iraqi Kurdistan, Northern Iraq
The geochemical studies were performed for the core samples of Shiranish formation in the depth interval of (3680-3950) from the south-eastern part of Iraqi Kurdistan. These rock samples comprise shale rocks. The geochemical investigation of biomarker parameters were performed for extract rock samples from Shiranish formation using gas chromatography GC, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry GC/MS — for saturated and aromatic hydrocarbons, and GC/MS/ MS — for saturated hydrocarbon. In addition, performed carbon isotope analysis of saturated and aromatic fractions. The extract samples are characterized by a high Pr/Ph ratio (> 1,0), a relatively high oleanine ratio, an abundance of mode- rate C27 regular steranes and disteranes, a relatively high C30 sterane index, presence of tricyclic terpanes, relatively low dibenzothiophene/phenanthrene ratios, a high CPI ratio (³ 1,0) and high Pr/n-C17 values in combination with low Ph/n-C18 values.
All of the above parameters indicate on the mixed type of organic matter: kerogen type II + III with a predominance of type II. According to the results of diagnostics, Source rock, represented by calcareous marls, were deposited under weak reducing conditions during diagenesis and have a high degree of maturity.
Study of Potassium Formate-Based Drilling Fluid Influence on Core-Samples’ Permeability Characterized by AHFP.
Formation drilling in abnormally high formation pressure zones adversely affects well construction efficiency.
The application of barite-free potassium formate-based drilling fluid ensures high-quality wellbore cleaning and minimizes the irreversible process of formation damage.
The impact of potassium formate-based drilling fluid and oil-based drilling fluid on core samples permeability was assessed, the applicability of drill-in fluids mentioned above was validated
Along with currently available research focused on the properties of foamy oil in the heavy oil field development, this article describes a method for modifying re- lative permeabilities, which simultaneously takes into account the presence of gas in a dispersed state and high mobility of the gas phase during steam injection
Complex Approach to Optimization of Nitrogen Lifting Operation Using Coiled Tubing
This paper presents the results of a series of numerical experiments conducted with self-developed software, which is based on an original algorithm. This algorithm models the nitrogen lifting process. A list of most common problems related to this well operation is given. Our qualitative conclusions could help to predict the work of lifting equipment for different combinations of technological parameters. We recommend the new methodology, based on computer modelling for solving the considered problems
The article describes outstanding difficulties of Arctic shelf development requiring underwater floating platforms introduction. Authors compare mooring positioning for newly proposed underwater platform with the conventional semi-submersible rig. Based on calculation results a conclusion is made regarding significantly lower environmental loads on underwater platforms and consequent reasonability of application of such units for Arctic shelf development
The reinstatement of the Syrian oil pipeline system is a mandatory initial step in the recovery of the Syrian oil industry. This article discusses the principles and challenges of the reinstatement of the Syrian oil pipeline based on techni- cal assessment of the current state of the pipeline through comparing the hyd-raulic gradient line with the current allowable maximum pressure — determi- ning the main quantitative indicator of the oil pipeline reinstatement project and the range of its allowable change — determining the best economic solution for the current state of the Syrian economy costs by gradually increasing the flow rate
The results of laboratory measuring of gas-dynamic parameters in the fracture during evaporation of its walls are presented. The fracture of a shale layer was simulated by a slit created in plexiglass. The fracture was blown through by gas flow, its speed was experimentally measured. The values of flow rates, evaporation speed and entrainment of the mass of material from the surface of the slit are recorded. The shall recovery factor is calculated under laboratory conditions
New Technical Solutions to Remove Seasonal Restrictions of Thermal Power Plants and Increase Reliability and Efficiency of Power Systems During Summer Period
Specific features of the operation of one of the most dynamically developing energy systems of the country are analyzed. The functioning of the United Energy Systems of the South Region is associated on the one hand with a steady increase in summer loads, and on the other, with a steady trend for reduction of the generation capacity. These are both for technological reasons and because of the shutdowns of the generating equipment for repair. Methods for solving the above mentioned problem using absorption chillers and evaporative coolers are proposed. Pioneer experience of the LUKOIL Group companies of applying these methods in Russia is presented
Problems and models of multi-criteria risk assessment and efficiency of development of methane-coal depositsPart II.
The article is devoted to solving problems of multi-criteria assessment of options for development projects of methane-coal deposits under conditions of uncertainty and risk. Risks are considered in a narrow and broad sense. It is shown that the solution of the problem, in the case of risk assessment in a broad sense, is reduced to solving a game with nature, in which: the determination of the states of nature is evaluated by many criteria; the effectiveness (loss) of development options is assessed using the criteria of efficiency and risks adopted in the theory of games with nature, including the interpretation of risk as a standard deviation; the choice of the best Bayesian strategy (option) of development for a specific criterion is calculated both under partial and full uncertainty conditions; multi-criteria evaluation and selection of the best development option is carried out on the basis of multi-criteria ranking and selection according to the Board rule
The work is devoted to the development of a mathematical model of wave processes with respect for the hydrodynamic effect on supporting devices of various marine structures in the presence of surface waves in particular on support devices designed for operation at a depth of up to 40 meters. A full-scale experiment was conducted to measure various parameters of wave propagation in shallow water. On the basis of the experimental data, the values of the spectrum of the function of elevating the water level were obtained. A two-dimensional model of wave hydrodynamic processes describing the behavior of an aquatic environment near marine structures was developed. On the basis of the constructed algorithms, a set of programs was designed to simulate the propagation of wave hydrodynamic processes. The constructed program complex allows to specify the shape and intensity of the oscillation source, the geometry of the above-water object. On the basis of the developed software complex, the force influence of waves on structures with a support on the bottom of the reservoir was calculated
A film-forming inhibited oil composition (PINS) based on solid hydrocarbons with high protective properties has been developed. To determine the protective properties of PINS films, direct corrosion test methods and indirect methods were used: capacitive-ohmic, potentiodynamic, and determination of the corrosion rate by the method of polarization resistance. It is shown that with the introduction of lignite wax (montan wax) and phenol-formaldehyde resin in the concentration of 20 % by weight on the active substance as a component of the PINS, the physicomechanical properties of the film, the stability of the dispersion and the protective properties of the coating increase. It has been established that PINS compositions containing solid hydrocarbons possess high protective properties in mineralized media, which will allow to use them not only as a traditional means of protecting motor vehicles, but also as a means of anticorrosive protection of oilfield equipment