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"Proceedings of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas" is a collected volume containing leading edge contributions in fundamentals and applications of oil and gas science.

The journal is published quarterly.

The scope of research papers includes the following topics: Geology, Geophysics; Drilling, Development, Production; Transportation, Storage; Processing, Chemistry of Oil and Gas; Computerized Control Systems, Modeling of Oil and Gas Production; Economics, Management.

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Recent issue № 3/304, 2021

Organic matter in carbonate reservoir rocks of Timano-Pechora Oil Bearing Basin and its effect on structure and properties of pore space
Carbonate deposits of the Timano-Pechora Basin show a variety of lithologies with different pore types with a wide range of reservoir characteristics. The combination of the complex textural, mineralogical and diagenetic characteristics with the mixture of in situ organic matter and mobile hydrocarbons govern the distribution of the water-wet and oil-wet rock properties.The dominant type of the rock`s wettability is dependent on the specific litho type characteristics of the reservoir rock, as highlighted above.
Detailed regional oil capacity models of complicated subcomplex of the Neokoma oil and gas complex at Latitudinal Ob deposits
The article is devoted to a detailed study of local cyclites as part of the regional, complicated subcomplex of the Neocomian oil and gas complex on the territory of the activity of the «Kogalymneftegaz» Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The paper highlights and describes the characteristic features of the lithology, stratigraphy and paleography of the Berriasian-Valanginian deposits. Regional and detailed correlation of well sections is carried out. A model of the oil and gas content of the deposits of the local cyclite B11/2, which is part of the Savoy cyclite, is proposed. Recommendations are given for drilling exploratory and exploration wells, deepening wells from the drilled fund and recommendations for re-testing of wells
A model for optimizing the process of forming rational schemes for the placement of producing wells on natural gas fields is proposed. The model is a problem of nonlinear Boolean programming and allows to place wells, taking into account not only the gas reserves and the hydraulic conductivity of each section of the reservoir, but also the experience of the designer. Examples of solving the problem are given
Determination of well radial extent by hydrodynamic studies in formations with complex lithological and facies conditions
The article describes the development of criteria for hydrodynamic studies in order to reliably determine the well radial extent; the calculation of the radial extent of production wells is given, the interpretation of the hydrodynamic studies is carried out in order to form an informational array of data for subsequent analysis and decision-making to identify possible zones of reserves not involved in development
The paper presents a method for calculating the temperature of an acid composition in a wellbore. The method takes into account the oil well thermometry data, well structure, thermophysical properties of the construction materials and the well killing fluid. An example of calculation is given, which shows that acid temperature can differ from the surrounding rocks temperature both upward and downward depending on the acid flow rate
Intelligent system for managing integral risk and residual resources of linear sections of main pipelines
The possibility of using technologies of intelligent control systems for the implementation of decision support systems is shown. It is determined that one of the most important and relevant directions in the development of the concept of an organizational management system for the repair work at the facilities of main pipelines is the analysis of priorities for the implementation of repair work. This is based on the choice of criteria and principles for the classification and ranking of pipeline system facilities according to the degree of danger of their further operation, taking into account the influence of many factors
Study of influence of climatic factor on dynamics of permafrost condition of soils beneath objects of oil and gas complex
The paper analyzes the temperature regime of the permafrost soil mass located beneath the object of the oil and gas complex beyond the Russian Arctic Circle. The presented calculations indicate a progressive process of thawing of the soil mass beneath the objects, which are not protected by additional systems of thermal stabilization of soils. The article relies on actual geotechnical monitoring data and describes the development of the permafrost condition of the soil massif for 5 years after commissioning the facility. To assess the influence of the climatic factor, calculations of the individual characteristics of the temperature regime of the territory based on the database of open data on the climatic conditions of the region of the object location were made. It is shown that changes in the climatic regime make a significant contribution to the process of changing the mesolithic state of soils
Method for solving problem of probabilistic forecasting of possible type (nature) of accident on main pipelines
The article considers the procedure for calculating the probability distribution of accidents, a method for probabilistic recognition of accidents and forecasting the type of the most possible accident. The sequence of solving the problem of calculating the most probable type of hypothetical accident in a general form is determined. A method for predicting the probable type of the most possible accident on a specific section of the main gas pipeline under operation is developed
Investigation of welding thermal cycle influence on structure and properties of sparingly alloyed cryogenic steel
The article investigates the sparingly alloyed advanced steel 0N6DMB intended for the transport and storage of liquefied natural gas. In this paper, the initial structure and indicators of mechanical properties of steel 0N6DMB at minus 170 °C were investigated. To assess the effect of the thermal cycle of welding, the sample work pieces of 0N6DMB steel were subjected to the simulated effect of welding thermal cycles (WTC), characterized by different cooling rates. Analysis of the obtained data showed an insignificant effect of the cooling rate of the WTC on the impact elasticity, but revealed hardness increase of the heat-affected zone. This is apparently associated with a decrease in the amount of retained austenite, as well as the release of dispersed copper particles
Preparation of physical models of clay formations containing gas hydrates in porous medium
The use of the «memory» effect of melt water makes it possible to significantly accelerate the process of methane hydrate synthesis in bulk porous media, as well as to prepare models of hydrated strata with clay rock and low-mineralized water. The physical experiment confirmed the data on the «pre-hydrate» state of the Turonian layer of the Zapolyarnoye field, since a slight cooling of the BFZ (bottomhole formation zone) can lead to the formation of hydrate. The transformation of ~12 % of residual water into gas hydrate in the Turonian layer model led to a decrease in gas permeability from 0,0026 to 4,2´10-6 μm2, i.e. approximately 620 times. Under static conditions, the formation of methane hydrate is observed to stop and resume under dynamic conditions (in the gas flow). In clayey rocks, the main amount of water is adsorbed by clay particles and is not part of the hydrate
Specificity of rheological studies of aqueous solutions of polyacrylamide using rotational viscometers
This paper contains the results of rheological studies of aqueous solutions of polyacrylamide FP307 within the concentration range of 0,025-0,05 % w. Rotational viscometers Brookfield DV2T (UL-adapter), Rheotest-2 (Cylinder S1) and Anton Paar ViscoQC 300 (Spindle CC18) are used for studies: Brookfield DV2T (UL-adapter) is mostly used; measurements using this attachment, however, have limitations; Rheotest-2 (Cylinder S1) is used for measuring high-viscosity and structured systems; Anton Paar ViscoQC300 (Spindle CC18) can measure almost every type of solution within the whole range of shear rates. The convergence of measurements using different rotational viscometers depends on their specificities and overall dimensions of the attachments used. It is found that aqueous solution of the researched polyacrylamide within the range of con- centrations of 0,025-0,01 % w. can be carried out using Brookfield DV2T (UL-adapter), within the range of concentrations of 0,075-0,5 % w. — using Rheotest-2 (Cylinder S1) and within the whole range of concentrations — using Anton Paar ViscoQC 300 (Spindle CC18)
Basic summer diesel fuels and their sedimentation stability in various compositions of depressant-dispersant additives (DPA) under cold storage conditions are studied. The possibility of using the method for determining the specific electrical conductivity of diesel fuel as an additional method for predicting and regulating the sedimentation properties of diesel fuel is shown